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Wines of Argentina

Here's a fine selection of red and white wines of various prices to suit your budget. The wines of Argentina offer value, variety and complexity.

South African Wines 2020

Pink Wines 2020

2020 has not gotten off to a good start, for most of the world it's been downright horrid; but we're all in this together. My job is to write, to review and speak about wine and while I (like you all) are unable to travel, I can continue to review and review I will.
So let's keep things light and fresh, enjoy the little things, reflect over a simple glass of wine, whatever colour it may be--however I guarantee you, more than any other colour, pink will make your smile a little wider.
Stay safe, stay indoors, friends

Budget Bottles 2020

It's that time of the year; budget (likely) blown but not willing to give up on the wine, especially with the cold weather we're experiencing.
So, as always, I've put together a list of wines ($17 or less) so you can indulge without overreaching.

*prices vary by region and retailer


TOP 50: 2019

Each year, for more than a decade, I have put together a list of the TOP 50 bottles scoring 91+ points on WineScores.ca that are $20+ (prices vary by region and retailer).
These are bottles I have received to sample over the past year, and are great gifts or just wines to stock your cellar with.
I hope you find something you like!
Happy Holidays,

TOP 100: 2019

For more than a decade I've been putting together a list of my TOP 100 wines, which score 89+ points on WineScores.ca and are $20 or less.
These are wines I have received as samples since January 2019, so I've tasted them all in a controlled environment as I do all the wines I review for my sites.
These are great year-round bottles but at this time of year they also offer great value when you're entertaining.
*Prices will vary by retailer and region.

Happy Holidays!

Gift Bottles Holiday 2019

Searching for the perfect gift this holiday season. Look no further, I have what you need!
My printer-friendly shopping list can go with you when you hit your local wine stores.

WineDiva: 15 Years Later

In early 2004, after sharing a couple of bottles of wine (of course), I declared I wanted to start a website.
I had never heard of a blog, and my knowledge of the internet was limited to accessing my email--even doing that I often needed help.
I would call the site, WineDiva.

So much has happened over the past 15 years since I made that decision and I cannot imagine my life differently. Along the way I've had great support from the industry and count myself blessed, not only for my career, but the people around the world, whom I've shared a glass of wine with (or more) since.

Here are 15 wines I celebrate, they are not necessarily the top scoring wines I've tasted in the past year (although I've scored them all impressively), but wines I want to drink more of.

Bubbles 2018 Edition

Bubbles, fizz, sparkling, cremant, cava, sekt; call it what you will, drink it all.
All the bubbles; all the sparkle...

TOP 100 Wines of 2018

Each year for a decade, I've been compiling a list of the best 100 wines, under $20 (price varies by retailer), that I have reviewed during that calendar year.
The wines must score 89 points or higher on my sister site, WineScores.ca.
While the task hasn't gotten easier, I've managed to work with a system to make compilation easier. During the past decade, I've become busier in my career, writing for a number of wonderful publications, which hold my attention, ergo, my own site lags behind.
However, even though it is a couple weeks later than usual, I promised to get this list up in time for your holiday shin-digs and gatherings.

Happy Holidays all!
Cheers, Daenna

Great Gift Bottles 2018

Give the gift of delicious wine; it's not about the price, but the story behind the bottle!
Happy Holidays all!


TOP 115 Wines of 2015

Here it is!

My entire list of TOP 115 wines of 2015. They are $20 or less, scoring 89+ points. Some of these wines are widely available across Canada, some are only available in private wine/liquor stores and some are available through the winery.
These wines have been reviewed by me between January 1/2015 and November 24/2015 and are listed by date reviewed.

*The prices have all been quoted to me as $20 or less, but those prices may vary by retailer or region. Prices may also be quoted before tax added.

Winoscope - Virgo

August 22 - Spetember 23

Virgo's are modest, meticulous and reliable, diligent, intelligent and analytical but she can also be worrisome and fussy, very critical and harsh.
Virgos are perfectionists and have conservative personalities.
She appreciates good health, hygiene and likes to those who are wholesome but does not like filth, poor health and sloppy people.

Colour: Dark Greens into Browns
Planet: Mercury
Symbol: The Virgin
Stone: Sardonyx (dark redish-brown)

Winoscope - Taurus

April 21 - May 21

The Taurus gal is patient, reliable, loving and determined. She likes tranquility in relationships.
But she can also be possessive and very jealous, resentful, inflexible and quite self-indulgent.
She also likes stability and comfort but hates to be pushed, disrupted or rushed.

Colour: Pink
Planet: Venus
Animal: Bull
Stone: Emerald

Winoscope - Scorpio

October 24 - November 22

The Scorpio is ruled by passion.
She is determined and forceful, deeply emotional, very intuitive, investigative, powerful and very magnetic.
But her passions also cause her to be jealous, resentful, obsessive/compulsive, secretive and also very stubborn.
The Scorpio gal likes to be persuasive, truth is very important to her, she likes hidden causes too but does not care for withheld information.
She dislikes shallow people, people who attempt to take what is hers, flattery and in turn flattering.

Colour: Maroon
Animal: Scorpion
Stone: Opal

Winoscope - Sagittarius

November 23 - December 22

Sagittarius is an optimistic sign, she is jovial, honest, straightforward and philosophical.
But she can also be falsely optimistic, almost careless and tactless, and she can be both irresponsible and superficial.
She likes traveling and being free and she does not want to be bored with details...

Colour: Purple
Planet: Jupiter
Symbol: Centaur
Stone: Topaz

Winoscope - Pisces

February 20 - March 20

The Pisces is a sensitive sign - she is imaginative and gentle, compassionate and kind.
She is not worldly but is very sympathetic.
She is also idealistic and vague, she can be weak-willed and easily led.
She likes to live in a dream world, odd and ridiculous things, she does not care for people who "know-it-all" and being criticized.

Colour: Soft Seagreen
Planet: Neptune
Animal: Fish
Stone: Moonstone

Winoscope - Libra

September 24 - October 23

The Libra gal is diplomatic, romantic, easygoing, sociable and idealistic.
The is also easily influenced and gullible, indecisive, flirtatious and self-indulgent.
She appreciates the finer things in life and sharing she also dislikes violence and people who are slaves to fashion.

Colour: Blue
Planet: Venus
Symbol: the Scales
Stone: Sapphire

Winoscope - Leo

July 23 - August 21

The Leo is generous and big hearted, creative, enthusiastic, open-minded, faithful and loving.
But Leo can also be vain, patronizing, bossy, interfering and intolerant.
The Leo also likes drama and living a lavish lifestyle but does not care for mean people or a boring, staid existence.

Colour: Gold
Planet: Sun
Animal: Lion
Stone: Ruby

Winoscope - Gemini

May 22 - June 21

The Gemini gal is adaptable, communicative, eloquent and witty with a youthful persona.
But she can also be nervous and easily stressed, cunning, superficial and inconsistent.
She likes to talk, she likes to multi-task but she does not like to be be either tied down or alone.

Colour: Green
Planet: Mercury
Stone: Moss Agate

Winoscope - Capricorn

December 23 - January 20

The Capricorn gal is practical and ambitious, disciplined, patient and cautious, humorous but reserved.
She can also be fatalistic, her glass half-empty and she can hold grudges.
She likes professionalism and reliable situations.
Capricorn dislikes mockery and people who live their lives in fiction or fantasy.
Colour: Brown
Planet: Saturn
Animal: Goat
Stone: Black Onyx

Winoscope - Cancer

June 22 - July 22

The Cancer gal is emotional and loving and protective, Intuitive, shrewd, careful and sympathetic.
She is also moody, can be too emotional, touchy and clingy.
She is a romantic, likes babies but dislikes, failure, being given advice or told what to do.

Colour: Silver
Planet: Moon
Animal: Crab
Stone: Pearl

Winoscope - Aries

March 20 - April 20

The Aries gal is courageous, adventurous and energetic, confident and a quick thinker.
She can also be selfish and hot-tempered, impulsive, foolhardy and impatient.
She likes winning and spontaneity but dislikes getting advice and admitting to failure.

Colour: Red
Planet: Mars
Animal: Ram
Stone: Diamond

Winoscope - Aquarius

January 21 - February 19

The Aquarian gal is friendly - she can be considered a humanitarian, she is honest, loyal, she like to be original she's independent and an intellectual.
But she can also be intractable, perverse, unpredictable and fairly unemotional.
Aquarian's prefer to plan their future and dream big.
She likes having fun but hates to be lonely and imitation.

Colour: Turquoise
Planet: Uranus
Symbol: the Water Bearer
Stone: Turquoise

TOP 100 Wines of 2014

The wait is over!

My entire list of TOP 100 wines, $20 and less scoring 89+ points.
Some of these wines are widely available across Canada, some are only available in private wine/liquor stores and some are available through the winery.

These wines have been reviewed by me between January 1/2014 and November 20/2014.

*The prices have all been quoted to me as $20 or less, but those prices may vary by retailer or region.

TOP 100 (+13) for 2013

Each year I taste more than 2000 wines. Many of those reviews are posted on my sites, which allows me to narrow down those wines into great lists and best of all, make life easier for you.
In my annual TOP 100 you'll find my Top 100 (+13) picks, which have scored 89 points or higher on WineScores.ca!
These wines are all $20 or Less!

* Don't forget to score the wines you've already tasted in order to get FREE recommendations!

*These wines are listed as $20 or less. Prices may vary at some retailers and in some provinces.
Wines are listed by date reviewed, not by score.


Exploring Argentine Wines

Here are some recent reviews of Wines from Argentina that I think you'll enjoy!

Wines for the Tasting Room Radio

Everyday Bubbles!

Delicious and affordable sparkling wines - perfect for any occasion (meaning everyday) and never, ever, pretentious...

Top Sellers & Reader Favourites

Here are some top selling wines, wines, which are also reader favourites.
Look through this list and see if there are any wines you have already tasted - if so, begin by rating them.
How many stars would you give some of these wines you are familiar with?

It's really that simple.

Begin rating wines now, and before long, I'll be recommending wines just for you!

Wine in the North - The Yukon Edition!

For our neighbors to the north - I couldn't forget about you!
Here is a list of 85+ reviews of the best wines available to you in Yukon Liquor Corporation stores.
The list includes: white, red and sparkling wines from all over the world!

Get Grillin'

Although we can grill all year round, there's no time like the summertime!

Just the smell of smoke and barbecue sauce gets your mouth watering...
But what about the wine?
Grilling imparts charry, smoky flavours and intensifies flavours in a way that other cooking methods cannot.
You can throw pizza on the grill, sausage, pork, chicken, fish, corn on the cob and skewers of veggies (aka shish kebobs). All of these will have a new depth of flavour that calls for heartier wines, which will stand up to bold new flavours.
You don't have to be a meat eater to enjoy grilled foods, but your wines still need to have a bit more oomph.
Most of the following wines are great with grilled meat, but don't discount what a little grilling can do to eggplant, mushrooms or yes, even tofu and veggie burgers and dogs.
Remember red is not the only grillin' wine Chardonnay loves grilled lobster in butter, grilled chicken, grilled cornbread and corn on the cob...
Viognier charms sweet crab and seafood (great topped with spicy peach or mango salsas), grilled squash or sweet potatoes with sage butter...
Rose will rock pork, salmon, grilled portobello mushroom burgers, or your homemade grilled pizza...

All of WineDiva's Latest Wine Reviews

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