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Vino Nobile
Feb 24, 2015

Antiprima Del Vino Nobile - Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2015

February 19, MontepulcianoVino Nolbile di Montepulciano

Tasting Notes:

* Very Good
** Excellent
*** Exceptional

Vino Noblile de Montepulciano 2012

1. DeiPolizano Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Dense dark nose, black cherry jam, black olives, sunbaked earth, oak spices. Supple entry, chewy dark fruit, mocha earl cocoa, intense palate with chewy tannins and bitter coffee/spice finish.

2. Bindella (barrel sample)

Sweet black raspberry, vanilla, liquorice, mocha, rose/violets. more acidity here, bright and juicy but the tannins kick in mid-palate - very drying tannins cling across the finish. Bittersweet mocha and dried tobacco flavours. Very bitter linger.

4. Casale Daviddi

Much more closed on the nose - dark earth, bittersweet cocoa, nondescript black fruits, toasted oak spices. Good acidity but again firm tannins oak spice, red cherry/ toasted spices on finish with slight cola hints. Very dusty tannins. 

5. Lunadoro “Pagliareto”

Tomato leaf, tobacco, toasted oak and vague black and red fruit mixture. Tangy fruit, nice rosemary, cherry and sweet spice hints. Firm tannins good acidity. Palate is brighter than previous 3 but still quite powerful oak expression.


7. Polizano**

Fig and black cherry, hints of vanilla, toasted oak, liquorice, black raspberry - sweet nose. The palate is supple on the entry, plenty of fruit expression here, underscored heavily (not overwhelmed) by oak. Fine sweet and dry tannins with a cocoa finish.

10. Boscarelli

High-toned red fruits, some sour cherry, fine spices dry earth and mineral nose. More rustic. Leaner, red tangy fruits, tobacco and dusty spices oak tannins are fine but dry and cling to the palate.

11. Antico Colle**

Sweet expressive nose, vanilla, baking spice and cherry with sarsaparilla - a bit cola-ish. The palate is similar, with flavours and density. Drying tannins but more fruits and secondary flavours with a vanilla, liquorice and sweet spice finish slightly bitter on the finish due to the oak tannins.

12. Fattoria Braccesca*

Minerals and dry earth, cherry and currents. Smooth entry good acidity and more approachable than others, less overt oak flavours, less aggressive tannins.



16. Nottola **Notttola Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Bittersweet chocolate and mineral, black briery fruits, leather and vanilla. nice freshness, good weight - lightness in this case, juicy with nice fine spice and not overwhelmed by barrique.

17. Romeo*

Rosemary and mint, cherries and currents, vanilla, dusty plums, liquorice and cocoa. Plummy fruits, with juicy cherry, cola spice and tea leaf, the mid=palate seems a bit flat but finish in not overly encumbered by oak. Nice dusty cocoa finish.

18. Salcheto (barrel sample) **

Chocolate cherries, mint, vanilla sarsaparilla. Fresh entry, expressive fruit with similar spice and liquorice as the palate. Supple with sweet spiced finish. Drying but not bitter tannins.

21. Vecchia Cantina “Poggio Stella”

Sour cherry, milky/lactic notes, tomato leaf and dusty earth. Sour fruits, leaner palate but fresh and lively. Not a lot of fruit expression. Leaner style with tobacco finish.


25. Le Bertille ***

Glorious fruit - ripe summer berries with vanilla, chocolate, baking spices. Supple weight, generous fruit, ripe and plush. Sweet oak spice and vanilla finish with some blueberry tea flavours. Good length and balance.

27. Godiolo*

Close nose - tart red fruits, fine oak spice and fresh black tea. Nice freshness on the nose, some dried herbs and saddle leather. Overall good freshness, more rustic style.

29. Contucci (Barrel sample)

Nose is reminscent of aged/bruised fruit, some dried fruit notes, saddle leather, cigar box, damp cellar.

31. Avignonesi

Not a lot of fruit on the nose, more herbal, tomato led and leather. Tobacco, sour red fruits, sweet spices. Smooth and fresh on the palate - tobacco finish.

32. Barbanera

Dried cherry, oxidized notes, cooked fruits, vanilla, fatty meat. Oxidized, not youthful or vibrant. Dirty.


34. Croce di Febo (barrel sample) *

Dusty, earth and cellar hints, which blow off - a bit muddied right now. Similar flavours a bit of dusty plums and wild cherry, tobacco and cocoa. Fairly judicious use of oak.

37. Le Berne

Black cherry wild briary berry, vanilla and tea leaf. Fresh tea and sweet fruit. Good overall fruit expression and tame use of oak.

38. Montemercurio “Messaggero”

Sour and a bit of old cellar, tobacco sweaty leather, sun-dried cherries and smoked tobacco leaf, Same on palate, shows a lot of age and oxidative notes.

41. Podere della Bruciata “Cesiro”

Sunbaked earth, charred spices, muddled fruit and leather. Tastes the same but with fire-roasted cherries and spice with green/vegetative hints alongside bittersweet mocha.


Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano 2012 ’Selezione’Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Le Bertille

101. Bindella “I Quandri’ (barrel sample) *

Quite closed but notes of coconut pop up with black cherries. Solid style, good freshness and oak is integrating nicely.

102. Tenuta Valdipiatta ‘Vigna d’Alfiero’

Again, closed nose. Lean and closed up or lacking fruit. Very drying tannins on the finish.

103. Icario “Vitaroccia” (Barrel sample)

Vibrant black and red berries, vanilla, liquorice, baking spice. A slightly saline and savoury palate. Fruit tasted older here, juxtaposed with vibrant nose - it’s a conundrum.



Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano 2011 Riserva


104. Tenuta di Gracciano della Seta *

Leaning into fried fruits, sweet undertones include vanilla - not overly scented. The palate is juicy on the entry and wood is nicely integrated. Good overall style. Solid.

106. Le Bertille

Coconut, sarsaparilla, sweet cherry and black raspberry nose - oak related scents. The palate is still showing firm oak, it’s integrating but slightly bitter with a coffee and tobacco finish.

108. Carpineto (barrel sample)

Roasted tomato, dried herbs, oregano, savoury/meaty undertones with hints of black charred fruits. Bitter entry rolls across palate - similar savoury palate. Oxidized and going downhill fast.

109. Il Conventino

Closed with mineral notes, some faint fruit and dusty earth. Slick almost glycerol weight, coffee, earth, sweet spice flavours. nice finish with a minty hint.


110. Fanetti **

Dried fruit and treacle, balsamico black cherry, mineral, cocoa and earth. Sweet fruit, nice integration of fruit and oak. Lovely dried cherries and cola spices, dry tannins and balsamic.

111. Lunadoro “Quercione” *

Oxidative/aging notes, some bricking to the colour. Soy sauce and leather, dried cherries. Good freshness, nice integration, showing nicely now not sure the longevity. 

116. Salcheto**

Good intensity on the nose, cherry, strawberry, vanilla, balsamic. Supple and approachable, some cocoa and tomato leaf with solid fruit. Bright juicy character with finesse.

117. Croce di Febro “Amore Mio” 

Leather, cedar, tobacco, leaner fruit, cigar notes starting and fine spice. Fresh entry but a lean character, which makes it seem older than it is. Bittersweet finish with cigar flavours.



Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Annate Precedenti


118. Casale Daviddi 2011

Oxidative nose - cigar box, fine spices dried cherries, balsamic and treacle. Nice integration of sweet oak, cedar, spice and fruit cake flavours. Fine tannins cigar flavoured finish.

119. Cantina del Giusto “ San Claudio II” 2011

Bitter nose, green - tomato leaf and grilled herbs, bittersweet chocolate and tart red fruits. Sweet red fruits on palate, some dried flavours charred meat with spice rub and herbs. Very savoury.

120. Podere della Bruiciate “Cesiro” 2011 **

Perfumed with dried flowers, strawberry confiture, sweet spices. The palate follows suit, nice strawberry jam and sweet spices with liquorice and some aged balsamic notes. Nicely integrated an mature. Good length.

121. Casa Vinicola Triacca “Poderuccio” Selezione 2011 *

Pops with bourbon-soaked fruitcake, dried cherry and leather. More life on the palate than the previous 2011s - nice sarsaparilla with toasted savoury spice and meaty flavours culminating in toasted herbs and grilled meats.


122. Fattoria del Cerro “Antica Chiusiuna” Selezione 2011 **Boscarelli Rosso di Montepulciano

Some fading fruit and floral notes with fine spice. Vibrant and juicy fruit, reduced and sweet that vibrates on the palate. Very nice acidity still, drinking nicely now. Very enjoyable.

123. Gattavecchi “Parceto” Selezione 2011

Sweet confiture of fruits, lacy spice notes, liquorice. Supple entry good fruit, still quite tight oak and firm tannins.

124. Tenuta Terose “Simposio” Selezione 2010

Dense dried cherry notes, some dried flowers and spices. Good brightness but not a lot of fruit. Drying tannins on the finish. 

125. La Ciarliana “Vigna Scianello”, Selezione 2010

Confiture of fruit, vanilla, sarsaparilla, balsamic. Salty palate, savoury character mostly dried fruits, spice, treacle and balsamic.


126. Palazzo Vecchio Riserva 2010 

Nice freshness here, rich jammy berry fruit aromas, tomato leaf and dried herbs add brightness and savouriness. Sweet jammy berry flavours fallow through on the palate. Good freshness and structure and balance - in glass gets lean and slightly bitter very quickly with tea leaf flavours.

127. Nottola Riserva “Il Fattore” 2010

Char and dried herbs, dried fruit, prune and fig and cherry with balsamic. Smooth entry, starting nice integration of tannins but they are still quite firm and very dry.

128. Boscarelli Riserva “Bianca” 2010

Quite muddled and tobacco and flavours and aromas. Not much left right now. Dumb phase?

129. Montemercurio “Damo” Selezione 2009

Vanilla, spice cake, dried herbs and savoury undertones. Leather, toasted spice and herbs here and a coffee and toasted oak bitterness on the finish.


130. Vacchia Cantina Redi Riserva “Briareo” 2009

Very green and lean aromas with sour red fruits, dried cherry, leather fine spice, tobacco treacle. Tastes like it smells, soapy and aged with plenty of balsamic and soy sauce flavours. Very dry tannins.

131. Romeo “Riserva dei Mandorli” 2009

Balsmic, soy sauce, dried cherry and prune. Pruny fruits, soy sauce and dry tannins on the finish. Seems to be over-the-hill.

132. Il Macchione Riserva 2009 **

More freshness than the other 2009 wines, fresher fruits, cherry and strawberry. The flavours are brighter, the acidity still fresh. Nice structure and length, tannins still dry and grippy. Aging well.

133. Carpineto “Sant’Ercolano” Selezione 2006 *

Prune cake, treacle, saline, bittersweet mocha, rubber tires, some faint confiture aromas. The palate entry is smooth, fine tannins across the palate. Some coffee, tobacco and dried herbs on the finish.

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